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Thrivify Wheel of Life

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At Thrivify Academy, we are all about mindset and productivity science. The Wheel of Life is a very simple yet powerful tool that gives you a vivid visual representation of all the important areas of your current life in one picture. Life coaches and career coaches usually give their clients a "bird's eye" view of More Info »

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Thrivify FREE Daily Planner

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The Thrivify FREE Daily Planner is your flight-plan that allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas. More Info »

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There have been many studies that have proven that gratitude makes us happier and healthier. Like any emotion, gratitude can't be forced but we can cultivate our thoughts so that gratitude is more likely to arise. Practising gratitude every morning is the best gift you can give yourself to create a habit where you can focus on the positive in your life. More Info »

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